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Bring the thrill of solving a mysterious crime right into the comfort of your own living room. Grab a friend or partner, two smartphones, and a shared TV screen and you’re good to go! You are your partner will receive a different set of clues on your own devices, adding a fun and challenging twist as you test your problem-solving skills as you unravel the truth.



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Grab a Smartphone

All you need is a TV, a friend, and a couple of smartphones and you're ready to start solving.

Solve the Crime

Follow a detective and help him as he solves a mysterious case. 2 difficulty levels - Standard and Challenging.

Become a Detective

Solve crimes from the comfort of your own couch. Our at-home escape games lets you solve mysteries from interesting angles and feel like you're actually there!

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A Toxic Case

Dive into the mystery of "A Toxic Case," the ultimate "at-home" escape room adventure for two players. Work together to crack challenging puzzles and uncover a hidden truth.

A Case in Paradise (Coming Soon)

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We’re a small but mighty team of puzzle lovers and escape room creators. Our founder has been designing escape rooms for 6 years, including the #1 most played escape room in the Netherlands. We believe in spreading the challenge and excitement of escape rooms around the world


If you play 3 puzzles and don’t like the game, just send us an email and we’ll send your money back. No questions asked!


Couch Clues offers escape games for two players to play from the comfort of their own couch. The game centers around a case shown by a series of videos that you watch together. To solve the case, each player will receive different information on their smartphone. You will really have to work together!

We recommend that play our games together in the same room, but you can also play them remote if you like. All you need is a television (or any other screen) and a smartphone for each player. 

A Toxic Case is a tv escape room game about a detective who has gone missing. You can read more about it on the product page.

We are currently working on a sequel to “A Toxic Case”. Like the first game, it is a tv escape room game where you will have to work together. This time you are contacted by a detective when he is visiting a hotel. A valuable art piece has gone missing and multiple suspects remain. Who had the means and motive?

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The duration of the game can vary depending on your problem-solving skills and pace. On average, players complete ‘A Toxic Case’ in approximately 1,5 to 2,5 hours. However, you can take breaks and resume the game whenever you like.

Yes! Our games are designed to be engaging and challenging for both beginners and experienced players. For the real escape room experts, we will even increase the difficulty level during the game…

Once you’ve solved the puzzles, you already know all the answers! Therefore all games are only playable once. 

Yes, an internet connection is required both to play the videos and to access the interface on your smartphones.

Currently, Couch Clues games are specifically designed for two players, creating an intimate and cooperative experience. It is possible to play with more than 2 players (by sharing a smartphone), but we feel it is not an ideal experience. If you would like to play a Couch Clues game in a larger group, please let us know! We are currently considering it and knowing that people are looking for this will help us make this a priority. 

Absolutely! The game has an in-game hint system that you can access at any time when you find yourselves stuck on a particular puzzle. You’ll have the option to receive up to three hints per puzzle, guiding you towards the solution without giving away too much. We understand that everyone’s puzzle-solving journey is unique, and sometimes you might want an extra nudge to keep the momentum going.

Additionally, if you find yourselves truly stumped or want to skip a particularly challenging puzzle, we offer the option to cheat and look for the solution. 

The events in the story occur (mostly) in real time and there is a timer to see how fast you can solve the puzzles. After each puzzle you get a score based on how fast you solved the puzzles and how many hints you used. Do you prefer a more relaxed type of game? Don’t worry! You can just ignore the timer and take as long as you like. 


Feel free to mail us any questions, concerns, or ideas you have through this convenient contact form.


A Case in Paradise (Coming 2024)

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